2019 – January 23 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

Peacock Hill Community Association

DRAFT Meeting Minutes Wednesday January 23, 2019

V. L. Murray Elementary School Cafeteria 7:00PM

PHCA Board Present: Paul Dowell, Charles Molhoek, Suzanne Schaeffer, Travis Coffin, Debra Ross, Greg Lohr, Miles Davis, Beth Hollen

Not Present: Trip Walker

Also in attendance: Lacy Wilbur, Managing Agent with CBRE-Charlottesville; Cynthia Schnaitman, Manager of the Peacock Hill Service Company; Mrs. Leslie Ratan, Mrs. Meg Bryce, Ms. Eleanor Cartwright, Mr. David Callender, and Mrs. Maggie Gokturk, all members of the Peacock Hill Community Association.

The meeting was called to order by Board President Paul Dowell at 7:03 PM and having eight (8) of nine (9) Board members present, quorum to conduct business was established.

After introductions, Mr. Dowell gave brief opening comments about the format and timeline for the meeting.

The first order of business was the review and approval of the meeting minutes from October 17, 2018. After the Board reviewed the minutes, Mr. Molhoek moved that the minutes be approved as presented. Mrs. Ross seconded the motion and with no further discussion the minutes were approved unanimously.

Next, The Manager delivered the 2018 year-end financial report. The financials for Peacock Hill Community Association are available upon request from the Management Office.

The Manager then informed the Board that F&R delivered the engineering drawings to the Charlottesville office of DCR for their review and approval on December 20, 2018. Once Mr. VanLier of DCR approves the drawings, we can start send out Requests for Proposals.

Next, the Manager discussed the rip-rap and culvert cleaning project. The contractor that was scheduled to complete the project fell ill and he has yet to receive an update on the project. The Manager also reported that he was to meet with a few residents on Gilliams Mountain Road to identify culverts that have never been cleaned out, but the date had to change it had fallen off his radar. He will be working to reschedule in the immediate future. The Board directed the Manager to develop a prioritized list of culverts that need cleaning.

Still under the Manager’s report, he updated the Board that the pothole on Gilliams Mountain Road will be repaired as soon as the asphalt plant is back in operation from the winter break, and the contractor has a crew available to complete the job.

Next, the Manager and Board discussed lessons learned regarding snow removal from the last snow storm. The two main lessons were that; 1. The snow removal crew needs to be provided maps/checklists to ensure all roads are completely cleared before leaving the Community; and 2. The manager needs to increase communication to the Community to provide updates.

The last item the Manager discussed in his report was that the new home on Grey Dove Lane is under contract. He has been contacted to provide the disclosure packet and an accounting of how much outstanding assessments are owed on the Lot. The packet has been sent and the outstanding balance will be confirmed before closing.

Next, Mrs. Schnaitman, Manager of the Peacock Hill Service Company (PHSC) delivered their report. The PHSC is still waiting on payment from the current owner of the Lot on Grey Dove Lane. Also, there have been a few water leaks, but nothing too severe. She reported that PHSC’s new digital controls system is working great and that the PHSC is working on a rate change, but a study is still needed.

Next, Mr. Molhoek, chairperson for the Environmental Preservation Board (EPB) reported that they have received a few requests for the removal of trees, and all were approved. He also reported that the EPB has been pressing for the home on Grey Dove Lane to be completed.

Under Old Business, Mrs. Ratan, a member of the community, addressed the Board regarding the condition of the playground. She commented that it is not safe for small children and not entertaining for older children, therefore it is of no value to the Community.

Mr. Coffin discussed the courses of action that can be taken. The Community can either repair and maintain what is currently there or completely replace the current structure with a new one.

Other members of the Community that were present asked the Board if relocating it could be considered. Adding a basketball court and nature trails were also suggested.

Mr. Dowell advised the members of the Community that were present that they should present a proposal to the Board for action, and to work with Tavis on a committee to devise a plan. The Board also requested Mrs. Schnaitman to locate maps or drawings of the drain field that is located near the corner of Turkey Ridge Road and Peacock Drive to be considered if the playground is relocated.

Still under Old Business, the Manager discussed the storm water management issues at 218 Turkey Ridge Road and 300 Heron Lane. The Manager has the list of contractors provided by Mr. Lockledge of PHSC/Albemarle County but has not made contact due to weather. He will, however be making contact before the spring and will be employing the help of his assistant to have the project completed as soon as possible. The berm at 300 Heron Lane will be completed when the pothole on Gilliams Mountain Road is fixed.

Last under Old Business, Mr. Molhoek reported on the status and condition of the Lot on Grey Dove Lane that is still under construction. He reported that there had been no conversations with the EPB regarding excavation along Turkey Ridge Road and that a resident has contacted the County. The Owner will need to fix the damage done to the ditch as well as the damage to the asphalt on Grey Dove Lane. The Manager was directed to document all actions and expectations and communicate them with the Owner and County.

Under New Business, Mr. Dowell informed the Board that he had received 3 formal complaints regarding dogs at 80 Apple Lane. Several of the Board members and members of the Community that were in attendance confirmed the concerns of the formal complaints. After some discussion about ideas for the owner of the dogs to consider, Mr. Dowell offered that he would continue the discussion, provide clarity to the concerns and offer ideas for remedies, and would invite the dog owner to the next Board meeting.

During the Discussion Time, Mr. Dowell delivered to the Board and the Manager his letter of resignation, effective immediately, from the position of President, and from the Board of Directors. Mr. Dowell’s letter is attached hereto and made a part of the minutes.

Also during the discussion time, several members of the Community informed the Manager of fallen and/or broken trees that need to be addressed.

Having nothing further to discuss, Mr. Lohr moved that the meeting be adjourned. Mr. Molhoek seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 8:47 PM.

Respectfully submitted by: Lacy Wilbur, CMCA, AMS, CPM
Managing Agent
Colliers International